Lalan Rubbers is a leading Sri Lankan manufacturer and supplier of Safety gloves for more than 40 years with producing nearly 2 billion work gloves as safety gloves per year, from disposable gloves, household gloves, electrical gloves and industrial gloves to unique seamless dipped rubber gloves. Today, with more than 1,800 employees and eight state-of-the-art work gloves manufacturing factories, Lalan Rubbers has stood for innovative strength, a passion for technology, sustainability, responsibility and an uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence. Lalan Rubbers latex gloves are manufactured using centrifuged latex from its own rubber plantations. The company also manufactures work gloves using Nitrile and Neoprene, ensuring that only the best quality gloves are produced at its manufacturing plants.




Abrasion Resistant Gloves

Lalan Abrasion resistant gloves protect workers from hand abrasion due to abrasive workplace exposures. These safety gloves are built with high-tensile strength materials and fulfill EN 388 standard norms.

Household Gloves

Lalan Household Gloves are designed specifically for household cleaning, Gardening and janitorial tasks. Our Gloves provide excellent sensitivity for easy handling, Protection against mild water-based chemicals and come with different weights and different lengths.

Surgical Gloves

Lalan surgical gloves are reliable protection for your hands with best-in-class improved Dexterity, tactile sensitivity and less hand fatigue. Lalan offers the finest quality Sterile Surgical Gloves available in Latex and Nitrile and Vinyl.

Mechanics Gloves

Lalan Mechanics gloves are engineered to offer the hand total comfort and protection against most cuts, impacts and scratches. These gloves combine performance materials with an ergonomic design to allow maximum dexterity and prolonged use

Cut Resistant Gloves

Lalan Cut resistant work gloves are designed to protect the wearer from the hazard of working with sharp tools and are often used by construction workers, mechanics and those in machining or industrial professions. Lalan Provides cut proof gloves in cut and sewn gloves and seamless knitted gloves to ensure EN 388 requirements.

Cleanroom Gloves

Lalan Cleanroom Gloves are clean-processed and designed to meet the demands of pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech manufacturers in controlled environments, as well as professionals in lab research environments.

Chemical Resistant Gloves

Lalan Chemical resistant work gloves help to protect workers from hazardous exposure to chemical substances. These specialized gloves are made with Nitrile, Neoprene and/or butyl, fulfilling EN ISO 374 guidelines.

Medical Examination Gloves

Lalan Medical Examination Gloves are designed to minimize contamination between caregivers and patients. Medical Examination gloves can be Sterile or non-sterile with the options of powdered latex, powder-free latex, powdered vinyl, powder-free vinyl, and powder-free nitrile.

Anti Vibration Gloves

Lalan Anti vibration gloves are designed according to ISO 10819 standard requirements to reduce the effect of harmful vibration the equipment or machine transmission to the hands of the workers

Food Contact safe Gloves

Lalan Food Contact Safe Gloves are the best option for Food Preparation, Food Serving and all sort of food handling activities with an anatomical shape which offers comfort and minimizes hand fatigue. Lalan Food Handling Gloves come in Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl for both commercial and household use and comply with FDA guidelines.

Heat Resistant Gloves

Lalan Heat Resistant work Gloves are compliant with the EN 407 glove standard and provide outstanding comfort, thermal insulation, wear resistance, and protection from heat, flames, sparks, and molten metal splash.

Cold Room/ Winter Work Glove

Lalan Cold Weather & freezer work gloves tested to EN511 standard for Cold Handling, ranging from Contact Level 1 up to Level 4. Lalan High quality cold room gloves and winter work gloves to ensure comfort and safety for work within cold and freezing temperatures.

Puncture Resistant Gloves

Lalan Puncture Resistant Gloves protect you against threats from nails, wire, glass fragments, metal shards, wood splinters, and all types of needles. Our Gloves are tested & approved against EN388 and ANSI 105 standards.

Welding Gloves

Lalan Welding Gloves are heat resistant, quick-drying and abrasion-resistant while protecting from flames and sparks and provides fingertip sensitivity, high dexterity to work with small objects

Impact Resistant Gloves

Lalan Impact Resistant Gloves protect the fingers, thumb, knuckles and the back of the hand from providing full dorsal metacarpal protection but also gives you the dexterity and comfort to perform your job without compromising performance






Food Processing

"Lalan Rubbers Quality Assurance Policy is a commitment to complete customer satisfaction and safe practices in all its operations and holds the external recognitions as well"

Corporate Head Office

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